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Detailed design of crossroads

There is great scope for exciting designs of crossroads using a mini-roundabout, speed table(s) and entry narrowing.
The alternative is the depressing use of traffic signals or leaving the junction a priority junction.
Those who have attended my seminars will have seen how this scheme is worked up.

I know which I would prefer!

Crossroads mni-roundabout

Mini-roundabout at large crossroads

This shape is typical of many crossroads in the UK and also America. I believe this is a way forward avoiding those unpleasant one-way systems and making the junction "friendly" for everyone.

The whole junction is on a speed table which is entered over H-humps or equivalent to make the vertical shift kinder for buses. Pedestrians are guided to their crossing points not by guard-rails but by planting. The yellow areas are overrunnable in extremis and there are normal overrun areas on the four corners. Build-outs shorten the pedestrian routes which deflect very little from the desire line.

In this environment parking can take place beyond the build-outs and a central reservation would provide easy crossing points for pedestrians and the whole thing could be landscaped - beautiful!!

It can be done - how to lay out a large crossroads for everyone!
Far too many intersections like this are signalised!

This design incorporates H-humps For more information on these see and navigate to vertical deflections.



Rectory Lane/The Drive, Bexley (February 2011)

Originally installed on my advice in August 1994,
this site now has a speed table incorporated throughout.
There always was some speeding risk and from the approach
on the right, visibility to their right was too good too early;
this encouraged speeding across the junction.

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